Saturday, January 3, 2015


     Since we got home, just before Christmas, we've had more than our share of the White Stuff: flittering, floating and just plain dumping. Today's flurries were more of same -- somewhere around 8", being pushed around by a brisk wind.
     True to form, the Denver forecasters said our accumulation would be "negligible." They said the same thing about the last storm -- and that one produced about a foot of snow for us. It's gotten so laughable that if the forecasters pooh-pooh any snow building up, people around here make a beeline for the grocery store or other errands. They want to get it done, before the inevitable hits!

     What makes this especially ironic: a typical Colorado Christmas on the flatlands (i.e., not in the mountains) usually means, brown worn-out landscapes. We rarely have snow until later in the season, although we will have these gutbuster, humdinger storms that roar in, drop a foot or so, then disappear quickly.
     It's also been FREEZING. Until yesterday, we only had a top high of about 10 above. Our hot-water pipes froze up earlier this week; thankfully, they didn't burst. Daughter #2, who lives up in Nederland in the mountains, has had the same problem -- but worse. We only had a few pipes freeze; nearly all of hers went into ice mode. Fortunately, she was also able to thaw them out. But it means she'll have to keep her faucets dripping at night to make sure this won't happen again.

     The flu finally let up -- but leaves me exhausted after the smallest task. I've been putting away things a little at a time; the Christmas tree (after only a week up) is down, as well. (I just didn't have the heart to deal with it later in the week...though the Brick was disappointed to have it gone so quickly. He felt a little differently after he had to spend so much time vacuuming up dried needles!)

Work is starting to pick up again. I have several reports to finish up, and some articles to write. It's easier to do them when snow is banging against the window...and the warmest spot in the house is in front of the fireplace. Now if I could only keep from dozing off. And Charley and Abby from hogging the space in front of it...

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