Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Happy President's Day

Usually the heaviest snow hits in the mountains -- but we spent the weekend in Rifle, complete with tan grass, dry as a bone. A half-hour on the way home, near the Continental Divide, the snow hit...and hit...and hit. No one was going very fast, thankfully, but it took us twice as long to get home. We found more snow here, but the chickies were warm and dry, and the dogs were very happy to see us.
     Daughter #1 picked up the Mama at the airport this morning. She came to celebrate the Brick's birthday on Friday -- more about that later. We made it home through slow traffic, made even slower by accidents and spinouts every ten miles or so. I think we may be staying home tomorrow, until the ice melts some. Meanwhile:

Odd secrets taken to the grave.

An ultra-easy snowman cake. (From Who Needs A Cape?)

French dressing (the orangey kind) -- gluten-free and delicious. (From Penniless Parenting)

21 lottery winners who lost it all -- or nearly all. In weird ways, too.

Some of the strangest hotel room guest requests -- including penguins in the room (with Morgan Freeman narrating), wild goat's milk (for a bath) and pictures of Nicolas Cage. (Ok, after viewing Moonstruck recently, maybe photos of Nic aren't tooo strange.)

Chop a table in half and mount it to the wall -- less space taken up, and an intriguing look! (From Apartment Therapy, via Wonideen)

(Am I the only one thinking of Willy Wonka?)

The body in the basement -- an anthropological murder mystery.

This filmmaker says goodbye to his dying dog. Oh, my heart hurts.

A big stash of diamonds -- found in an old jewelry store!

Spending $4 for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner?? (From Brent Vosa) And in honor of Valentine's Day...a George Clooney cover from Vanity Fair that practically has steam rising off the page. So much effect with just a light touch and what Cher would call "those eyes like a wolf."

A lake suddenly appears in the Tunisian desert...and no one knows why. (But they're enjoying having it there.)

A pendant light that's a real beauty. Easy to make, too. (From Sugar and Cloth)

Spaghetti Carbonara...yet another pasta dish in the Bare Bones II series of our Holiday Goodies blog.

And from Midlife Finance, yours truly weighs in on finding the best hotel, as well as a potpourri of updates. 

Have a grand, snowy week.

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