Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Karen Combs' Stolen Quilts - Update

Some people are visiting back on a post I wrote in March 2012, about Karen Combs' missing quilts. Karen had a big batch of quilts stolen from her car while teaching in Texas. (Go here for that painful description.) 

I started to  wonder...did those quilts ever turn up?

According to Karen --"Nope, not a trace."

"Since the quilts were all for classes, I remade the quilts and many other samples to take the place of the ones stolen. I still hope something turns up at some point, but I realize that is not realistic."

The insurance company paid her claim, because she had appraisals done on the missing quilts. Yes, being an appraiser, I have a personal interest in this -- but appraisals really DO count when the quilts are damaged, stolen or disappear during shipping. Honest. (Ask Karen.)

Life goes on, fortunately. Karen's continued to teach and sell patterns and books, using the replacement quilts. Her book, Celtic Pieced Illusions, is especially wonderful. (You can learn more about Karen and her work at her website -- go here for more.) In fact, she's going to be teaching during a intriguing Bali batiks cruise in January next year.

"Thanks for checking and for everyone's concern," Karen writes. "I appreciate it so much!"

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