Sunday, March 22, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Will This Ever End?

The flu, that is. 

I haven't had a reliable voice for more than a week. It sticks around for a little -- then disappears, or goes into squeakiness at inappropriate moments. 
    The fever does the same thing -- it was back twice today. I am dragging myself around just to get critical things done, like meals, reports and clean underwear. 
    At least the cough is better.

I have no time for this. The house has piles everywhere, I have things to finish...and appraisals to do. It would be fun to do a little digging outside, as well, while the weather's still good. (We're supposed to get snow and low temps again on Thursday.) Meanwhile: 

How to accidentally save money. (From Punch Debt in the Face)

Coke Zero Cherry Slush. I'd prefer regular Coke, but... (from Who Needs A Cape)

17 IKEA hacks to make your homespace work harder. (Some great ideas here. You don't need those specific products, either.) Twelve more IKEA hacks are here, to get you thinking.

Matthew McConaughey's customized Airstream. A movie star's favorite digs are a 28-foot trailer? Wow.

Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwiches... a traditional favorite, especially for the Kentucky Derby. Being a nawthunuh by birth, I didn't know about these -- but they sound delicious. The Brick, who was raised in North Carolina, may be more familiar with them...but he's not a horseman. (From Cleverly Inspired, who IS a Kentuck filly.)

 A guy marches out in a crabby mood, fools around with his metal detector...and discovers a 2.7K gold nugget.  Value: more than $130,000.

Someone keeps photocopying their cat -- in the University of Wisconsin's library.
         No, I am not making this up. You do wonder, though, how the cat feels about it...

10 clever uses for chalkboard paint. (From Cleverly Inspired) 

How long can DNA really last? Or, in other words, is this whole Jurassic Park thing really feasible?

A chocolate cake for a birthday feast. (From Pretty/Hungry)

A really unusual crystal -- found in a meteorite.

Have a great, healthy week!

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