Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: March Is Roaring In

Well, we're up to our hips in snow around here in Colorado. Fortunately, the chickens and Charley have worn their own paths through the white. More snow's coming this week -- guess that it means by March "roaring in like a lion." Does that mean we have a fighting chance to see it go out like a lamb?
    This week will hopefully be my catch-up week: a lot of things to fold and put away, more to inventory. And a book I've been editing for years, a legacy for my uncle. 
     I want to get these DONE. Meanwhile:

A very expensive pearl dress worn to the Oscars -- then stolen. Here's the weird part: it was returned by the thief, who alleged the pearls were fake. Turns out he was right! (Now the designers are backpedaling: 'We never said it was real...') 

All you ever wanted to know about marble countertops. (From Apartment Therapy)

DIYs on painting concrete flooring. (From My Thrift Store Addiction)

Steady 10%-plus interest on an investment? Financial Samurai got it with P2P Lending. 

Ten strange still-unsolved mysteries from around the world. 

A 905-FOOT tunnel, found under an Arizona home and extending (where else) across into the Mexican border.  This may be the longest one yet. For smuggling, of course. 

Ten historic sites gone forever...due to stupid actions and decisions.

A stolen Picasso portrait turns up -- marked as a Christmas present.


Head transplants -- in less than two years?? Am I the only one wincing here?

A NINE-FOOT-LONG catfish? Yes, caught by twin brothers in Italy. (They're saying this photo isn't doctored, either.)

A woman found frozen to the ground, after two days. (She survived...amazing.)

Beautiful striped picture framesGold tape does it! (From Honey & Fitz)

A new Bigfoot Colorado report. This one's about an hour's drive from us.

And in honor of all the snow we've been getting --

Cat: An Immovable Force

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