Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: March Mud

Welcome to the newly-minted world here in Colorado. We still have chilly temps, especially at night, but also sprigs of grass, daffodil buds popping up, snow melting...and a sea of mud. Charley loves racing around in it, and is currently sporting a permanent streak of brown on his nose, from rooting up things. The chickens love it, too, and are already staking out corners of their yard for dustbaths. When the ground dries more, that is.
    It's going to be a reasonably-quiet week again. I've had work to do, including appraisals and piano lessons, but am loving this chance to get ahead a little. Yay for Spring!

A bald eagle in Pennsylvania has been staying on her egg-filled nest, in spite of being covered up to the neck with snow, at times. Now that's dedication! Click on the link to see the live cam version. Speaking of birds:

A collection of gifts brought to a young girl --by the crows she's been feeding. (I hear that Bigfoot will do this, as well, but am too creeped out to explore the idea much.)

The American History quilt sold for $19,200.  Including buyer's premium.

"I was piggy. But I'm not that person anymore." Dennis Kozlowski's off parole now, after serving seven years for stealing $150-million-plus.  How much of that has he paid back? (Are you listening, Bernie?) In keeping with this thread:

Famous people who led double lives.

Facts John Lennon would rather not have admitted about himself. (I'm not a huge fan of wife Yoko, either. though I like the Beatles' -- and some of John's -- music.)

Random acts of kindness. Hopefully these will inspire you to add to the mix.

18 very cute tea infusers. (Hey, only classics on this blog. We're actually going to start carrying the 'little man' version on Brickworks, as well as an upcoming Etsy store, as part of a gift basket.)

A guy who ships snow. For $89 a box. Before you start laughing... he's made more than $13,000, so far. (From the Penny Hoarder)

A baby woolly rhino discovered in Siberia. First of its kind, according to scientists.

Sugar skulls. If you're a dia de muertos fan, you'll appreciate these. (From Chicken Blog)

A beautiful little moss-covered basket. This version is for Easter, but it would be a good fit for St. Patrick's Day, too. (From 3 Little Greenwoods)

A lioness captures a baby monkey...and does something totally out of character.  

A Warsaw, Poland home that truly fits the moniker 'tiny.' Think being able to touch each wall just by standing up. (Its owner loves it.)

Have a great week.

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