Sunday, March 15, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Figuring and Schlepping

The weekend's almost over -- and I spent it with a scratchy, gone-and-back voice, and a running nose. Oh joy. Monday, I'm off to do a long appraising job, so thought I'd better get this on the Internet tonight. This week is more of the usual:  appraising, then putting boxes and books away. We just got a huge batch of Crazy books in, at a stunning discount -- and we'll eventually be passing that savings on to you!
     We have little gritty piles of snow left, but mostly dirt, which Charley loves to dig in. (He's currently working on a hole deep enough to communicate with his Chinese brothers very soon.) The daffodil greens are up, and buds are bursting -- but not quite in bloom yet. 

Growing tomatoes from seed -- the easy way. (From  Mike's Backyard Nursery)

An amazing way to expand your closet space, using bifold doors. (From Ana White)

Five ways to have oversized wall art for less. Plus an excellent look at one of the options: oversized engineering prints. (both from Apartment Therapy)

A cowhide-and-chrome beauty, from a throwaway. (From the Heathered Nest) 

"Nope, I just used my personal e-mail for convenience." Hilary Clinton's take on the story. (I'd be quicker to believe her if  there weren't some pretty big gaps in e-mail released for certain critical time periods.)

Tattoed seniors. Whoa. (Daughter #2, are you reading this?)

Classy decorator letters -- the how-to's.  (From That's My Letter)

The cheapest bid isn't always the best one. The real question: is it the best-informed one? (From I Pick Up Pennies)

Financial lessons learned from Destiny's Child. (From Marriage and Money)

Seafood enchiladas. The secret ingredient? A touch of nutmeg! (From Frugal Upstate)

Have a great, blooming week.

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