Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Some Very VERY Old Fabric

How often do you get to see an authentic pre-Viking textile?


This greenish-brown woolen tunic (sized for a person about 5' 9") was found in 2011 near a thawing glacier in southern Norway. Carbon dating put its origin about the year 300.

   "It's worrying that glaciers are melting, but exciting for us archaeologists," said Lars Piloe, a Danish archaeologist. More than 1600 artifacts have been found in recent years, including a Viking mitten (year 800), a Bronze Age leather shoe, old wood bows and arrowheads.

I first read about this in a Huffington Post article. Don't miss out on the 'Recently Unearthed' section at the bottom of this post -- lots and lots of archeological and other treasure-related discoveries.

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