Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: I Had More, But...

I could just spit. 

Trying to finish the 'Monday Stuff' post quickly, so I could get it online. It was a nice one, too, filled with a LOT of stuff. 
    And of course, I not only accidentally deleted the whole thing -- but Google picked that moment to conveniently "save" it. 
    Have you ever had days like that? At least I could salvage a few items...I'll give you more next week. Promise.

A nice guide to selling stuff online. (From Brad's Deals)

This app can save you money on medication and other pharmacy needs -- it gives the lowest price automatically! (From the Penny Hoarder)

21 greenhouses you can make -- including instructions! (From A Piece of Rainbow)

A Piece of Rainbow came up with a beautiful pallet-made balcony...with an extra bonus. It comes down easily, if you're renting and don't own. Wow.

And from yours truly via Midlife Finance:

Cable:  What's In It for You?

Eating Out: Advice from an Expert

Saving the Most on Your 2014 Taxes

Have a great week.

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