Friday, April 24, 2015

Paducah Livin'

...which means I sit for 9 hours each day at the PAAQT appraisal booth, handing out brochures and talking about the importance of appraising your quilts. (Yes, it really IS important.)
    Wait -- step back.
    I would be sitting there 9 full hours, but for the wonderful colleagues who have stopped by to say hi, help out and sit in for some time, so I can use the bathroom and wander a bit.
    Thank you, Jayne, Donna, Candy, Jennifer, Karen, Gail, Diane, Linda, Joan, Lynne and Amy... you're sweethearts, every one of you.

It's certainly been interesting. I think the workmanship level has been higher than usual this year in all categories. Karen Kay Buckley's winning entry, Majestic Mosaic, is amazing. I was lucky enough to check the quilt out up-close, front AND back...and it's just as well-made from the back as the front, which is here:

Karen is now recovering from open-heart surgery...what a way to celebrate!

  More quilts here...

Several old and new friends have wandered by these past days, including a girl I met at a retreat in Cheyenne, and is now living down south. (Doing well, too.)  Another friend made during a redwork class stopped... and I met a bunch of new people, as well, including several studying to become appraisers. That's the nice thing about being here -- Paducah just draws quilters to it.

One more day of sitting in the booth...then it's on to the PAAQT appraisers conference.

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