Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Springtime

Well, we got nailed, all right -- at least 8 inches of wet, heavy snow, and freezing temps to boot. It made the roads nasty, and gave Keith, Daughter #2's partner, one last chance to make some bucks by plowing parking lots. 
     It also seems to have killed the three tomato plants I was hoarding under a coldframe. Poor babies. (Everything else looks ok.) 
     The baby chickies did great, thanks to a heatlamp. They're being let out of their coop this afternoon to mingle with the other girls. It's time for them to grow up, figuratively and literally. 
     We're supposed to have temps in the 70s by tomorrow. Welcome to Colorado. Meanwhile:

One of the better thought-out small space homes I've seen. Check out the storage possibilities, especially. (From MoneySaving Mom) 

You can live off half your income -- these people did it.  (From Budgets Are Sexy)

Drawers -- out of steps? And using a leftover cabinet for the drawers,-- extra storage space at no extra cost except elbow grease? You've got my vote! (From Houselogic)

The best jokes David Letterman never used... by his former staffers.

Buddy the conehead -- and having Mom diagnosed with Alzheimer's. (From Living Rich on the Cheap)

Stylish furniture -- for your dollhouse. Funky Junk Interiors shows you how.

Flower patterns DIY -- make homemade flower designs look professional in just a few steps. (From the Tender Garden) 

Extra uses for baby powder. (Making your eyelashes look thicker?!?)

Pepperoni rolls. An old(er) recipe, but delicious -- and easy. (From 24 Hour Menu)

Five paintings stolen in WWII are American heirs, after seeing the movie 'Monuments Men.' Good for them.

Eating like the Rock -- and I'll tell you one thing: he has a real thing for cod. 

An interesting look at NOT wasting food -- penalty labels, a restaurant and store dedicated to aging produce?  Plus a cook who feeds her large family on less than $300 a month.

Planked floors -- done with real 1x6 planksThis sure makes more sense than buying and installing fake wood. (From Shabby Creek Cottage)

'Cheap' pieces that look at home in expensive decor.  (From Apartment Therapy) Like this living room, which mixes a $70 floor lamp in with rare art and fancy armchairs.

From cheap laminate throwaway to sturdy storage bench. (From My Repurposed Life)

Scents, memory...and how it affects your purchases. (From A gai shan Life)

McDonald's history...and it's not pretty.

My mom, the frugal role model -- from Donna Freedman.

 Have a great week. 

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