Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What's in Your Wallet?

Have you ever thought how the contents of your purse...or briefcase...or wallet... reveal what's important to you?

When life is full of harried hustling (like right now), scribbled notes and ideas jostle for room in my purse, along with half-used packs of gum, toothbrush/toothpaste -- and a protein bar, just in case I miss lunch. A checkbook, too -- I must be one of the last six people in the universe who still write checks.  (My girlies sure don't.)

What do I keep in the wallet that competes for space with kleenex and a sometimes drippy pen?

*Nine hundred bazillion reward cards, for everything from Red Robin to Tuesday Morning

*Airline reward cards -- but only a few. And those have scribbled account numbers for other airlines

*The wholesale tax license for Brickworks

*A note from my dad -- one of the last he wrote. (It's a list of tractor parts he was looking for. Nothing mushy -- this was a stolid Dutch farmer, after all.) 

*A list of addresses for family, friends and my piano students. (I currently have 5 -- piano students, that is!) Libby Lehman introduced me to a habit: sending postcards to Brother and Sister, the Mama, nieces/nephews and the girlies, and piano students, from wherever I've got a teaching gig.
     I've been doing this for years. Though it's rarely mentioned, I see the postcards on bulletin boards and refrigerators, and have heard how much they like this. The hardest part: finding good postcards.

*License, credit cards...and a very little cash. (I rarely carry much.) If possible, an emergency $20 is stashed somewhere deep within.

*A cellphone -- if I wasn't absentminded, and left it at home.

So... what's in your wallet?

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