Sunday, June 7, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: It's Been A Quiet Week in Lake Woebegone...

Oh, that's right...I meant Castle Rock. 
    We've had a few visitors, and a ton of lightning and thunderstorms. Other than that, though, it's been a reasonably content week around here. The Brick did bring home a cold from work, and graciously shared it with me. (sigh) And this week marked the year anniversary of The Mama's open-heart surgery. She has improved some, but has never really moved back up to good health. At least I can stay home this summer, other than some long as good cousins and Little Brother keep checking on Mom.
     I have some appraising work, and  a big meeting Wednesday morning. Other than that, life should continue to be fairly peaceful.
     I hope. 


The story of Lost Bird. Did you know that a baby survived after the Wounded Knee massacre for four days, protected against a snowstorm by its mother's body? That child was Lost Bird...and her story is an intriguing, though sad, one.

A dozen items that pay for themselves, over and over. (From the Simple Dollar) Also in the lineup:

26 Cheap and Delicious meals. Easy to make, too. More here on the Simple Dollar's Facebook page, if you're interested.
    Kimberly Phillips had this suggestion, on the Facebook post:
"A cup of noodles 32 cents and a mini bag of nacho cheese chips 3 for $1 and crush them all up and put it all in the chip bag and boil just enough water to get it all wet and roll the bag and let it set till it makes a burrito alot of people say ewwww but i had them try it its amazing."
    (Just weird enough to make me curious!!)

Ketchup cookies??  (Donna Freedman's idea -- not mine.)

David Letterman's final Top Ten List. In some ways, this seemed more sad and forced than funny.

This year's  winners of the annual Smallest and Coolest Home contest. (From Apartment Therapy)

An easy way to keep graveside flower pots and urns well-watered: baby diapers! (From Frugal Upstate) 

The man who was the subject of A Beautiful Mind, is gone. John Nash died, along with his wife, in a car accident.

Millionaires that are frugal, when they don't have to be. Unless that frugality is a clear sign of what's kept them doing well all this time...

Why I defaulted on my student loans. An occasionally whiny defense that argues it was just fine for this author to do so-- though if everybody did it, chaos would result. But if it gets you out of the clutches of the "greedy vultures" that are trying to collect, well...
    (Personally, I hope they keep trying. Update: Looks like at least one other person agrees with me.)

American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown -- for the first time in 37 years! Wow...

More items as I stumble onto them... have a great week.



Barbara said...


I just visited your blog and website and will be subscribing to the blog. Love your writing style! You are very entertaining.

Thanks for the beautiful worship music yesterday. You may or may not remember me, but I shared with you a month or so ago that I especially enjoy your choice of hymns during the communion service at our church. "Brick" (as you referred to him) holds his own very well, too! (smile)

Hope you recover from the cold soon. Summer is no time for that!!

P.S. This week I'm working on a "Minnesota Hot Dish" table runner for a friend who is moving out of state. It's in white, red and greens for Christmas. I've found that when giving a gift like this, one can seldom go wrong if it's made of Christmas colors.

Cindy Brick said...

Thank you, Barbara, for the kind words about everything!
We went home yesterday and took our usual Sunday afternoon nap. That helped. The Brick actually was worse off than me yesterday. We were both amazed that we managed to stand up that long.

You are very welcome. Glad you're going to be visiting again, too.

P.S. If you'll send me a photo of the tablerunner when it's done, I'll put it on the blog!

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