Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: On the Way to Conroe

This new week has really snuck up on me. 

A number of things need to be finished up before I leave Wednesday to teach in Conroe, Texas -- including planting more beans (put in a bunch today), the usual washing/drying/ironing/putting away chores, and finishing off a big batch of pending appraisal reports. Busy, busy, busy. Meanwhile, my neck of the woods is nervously watching our swollen creeks and rivers -- we tend to have a downpour at least once a day. Flooding keeps rearing its ugly head. I actually found giant lamb's quarter weeds almost up to my shoulder.
    What's going on here -- Colorado is a DRY state!

Remember my uptake on Rachel Dolezal?  Here's the update on Ms. Dolezal, the NAACP leader who bills herself as black -- and isn't. 'I do consider myself to be black,' she insists. (As my dad would say, "Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah?") Today's news -- she resigned. 

Great baby showers on a budget. (From Moneysaving Mom)

Ten witnesses to important events (and people).

One of the most common archeological discoveries from bogs isn't bodies -- but butter! Apparently, it still tastes good, too.This unusual article includes a how-to on making (and aging) 'bog butter.'

22 kids who got detention -- for very weird stuff!

A Viking era brooch and some interesting textile samples (including one herringbone pattern) -- found in a lump of 'organic material' in the British Museum's storeroom!  It had been stashed there for more than a century.

'Distractingly sexy' photos female scientists are getting dissed for. Make sure to take a look!

Memorable work stories. (From Money Beagle)

Seven great makeovers for your front porch -- involving as little as paint, rearranging some furniture and twinkle lights! (From Apartment Therapy)

Antique trade signs. Values are going up.... (From Skinner Auctions)

A fraud that promoted gay marriage. 

Christopher Lee died last week. So did Ron Moody, an amazing actor who never received the awards he was due. He will forever be my mental version of Fagin in Oliver Twist; he humanized this scoundrel in a way that was both sad and touching. Rest easy.

Budgeting so you can say YES to unexpected opportunities. (From MoneySaving Mom)

Become a virtual assistant . Here are ways to do this well-paid at-home job. (From Penny Hoarder)
    Or perhaps you'd prefer a job as a food blogger, instead.

More about Conroe in the morning...have a great week.

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Cindy Brick said...

Here's more on Ms. Rachel, if you're curious... now she's saying, "I identify as black," and sidestepping as many questions as possible about why she did it. Hmmm.

more here:

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