Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Summer, Are You Really Here?

We are still getting far more rain than we normally see in this season, but Colorado is finally settling down to its summer pattern:  warm, windiness...then a violent afternoon storm that clears to a beautiful sunset. 
    Welcome, summer.
We finally got the lawn mowed, and the front flower bed weeding is in progress. Now, if I can only get the vegetables planted. Meanwhile:

An easy veggie burger to try. (From Betty Crocker) Some other vegetarian dish links are on this page, as well.

Soldier Bergdahl, after being held captive for five years, was exchanged for several enemy combatants. But did he really desert in the first place? Based on the testimony of his former mates...he did.

Getting through those financial valleys. (From Moneysaving mom) Also from MSM:

A list of LOTS of homeschool curriculum resources and freebies. If you are homeschooling, or involved with family members who are, this would be a big benefit.

Strategic frugality -- when buying the least expensive version may not be the smartest thing to do. (Courtesy of the Frugalwoods)

The dirty secret behind the Ferguson protestors -- at least some of them were paid to be there! (And now they're protesting because they didn't get their paychecks.)

Eight ways to get yourself to eat at home more often. (From And Then We Saved)

Top ten traveler photos, from the Smithsonian. (Don't miss the slideshow of cellphone photo awards, either.)

The same bicyclist who killed a tv executive's wife by running her over is seen blasting through red lights in New York City, little son in tow. (In case you're wondering, no, he hasn't been charged.)

MAYBE a Civil War looted treasure has been found on a Michigan shipwreck. They're currently trying to get the safe open, to find out. (I dunno...think I might have waited before I made a big deal out of this.)

They live in an Airstream. A trailer, that is....some really good storage ideas here. She's got some interesting winemaking posts, too. (From A Small Life)

What toilet paper breaks down the fastest? No, I'm not being weird. This is good to know if you have an RV or camper -- but it's also helpful if you're camping and having to dig "cat holes."
    You don't do any of that? The recommended paper won't clog your indoor system as quickly, either. (And yes, the winner surprised me...from Money Beagle)

Seven traits of highly productive people. (From Inc magazine)

Ten thought-to-be-lost treasures that have been found recently. One of them: Captain Kidd's treasure! Speaking of treasure...

'One Man's Treasure' is a photographer's blog -- but he collects other people's work. The results are an intriguing slice of cultural society, like his post on dog photos. Also of special note: two posts on photographic 'mistakes'... that may not be.

Five people who were exonerated of horrific crimes...then went on to commit worse ones.

Ten unexplained broadcasts.  Some truly weird ones here.

Have a great week.

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