Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: A Numbers Puzzle

I've got a numbers challenge for you. Pick a number -- any number. 
    Multiply it x 2.
    Add 6.
    Divide by 2.
   Now subtract your original number. 

Your answer will be 3. 

Believe it? I've tried it several ways, including using fractions: it still comes out to 3. The Brick, who loves math, showed me this one -- but don't ask me to explain.. I almost flunked algebra in high school.   Meanwhile:

If you haven't been paying attention to recent Supreme Court decisions, you should: they've handed down landmark actions on everything from same-sex marriage to Obamacare to energy restrictions. These are going to have an increasingly strong impact on our everyday lives.

Hidden chalkboards from 1917 -- exposed during renovation at the Emerson schools in Oklahoma City, OK. And they're full of writing and drawings from the period... from Sometimes Interesting.

A handbag found at Oxfam in Great Britain -- he paid 20 pounds at this thrift shop, it's worth about 350,000. 

Accidental discoveries that changed the world. 

12 frugal ways to beat the heat... including 'Scottish showers!'  (From Brad's Deals)

Listening to the chickens talk.  I wonder what ours would say... (From It's All Connected)

This is a creepy one -- someone named 'The Watcher' who sends threatening letters to new homeowners. The Watcher suggests he/she is following what generations of the family have been doing...and asks for 'young blood.'
     Now the family is suing the previous owners, saying they knew all about the stalking.

Another creepy story, this one from the "Yum" department:
A guy buys a three-piece dinner from Kentucky Fried Chicken; one of the pieces looks uncannily like a rat, complete with long tail. He says the KFC manager told him to sue -- the company denies it, and requests a DNA test on said "rat." Our hero not only refuses to help out any more with the investigation -- he also refuses to produce the item. His lawyer finally gets it. And how about that: the test proves it really IS chicken! Whole story, with disgusting photos, is here.  (KFC says if he doesn't shut up, they may take legal action.)

Ten ways people stupidly throw money away. (From USA Today)

An amazing -- and huge -- batch of antique and vintage graphics for you to use. (From Knick of Time)

Ten secrets of the British royals. (From Listverse)

Why you should ALWAYS double-check deals before buying on Amazon. (From Brad's Deals) From the same blog:

Nine websites for cheap books.

Tote bags - from old t-shirts! (From Creative Green Living)

Sotheby's vs Christie's -- what's Sotheby doing to win back their dominance? (From The Appraiser Workshops blog)

The importance of focus and clarity. (From My Frugal Miser)

25 photos, perfectly timed. (Most have something to do with the word "Ow.")

Some very silly jokes, Jewish and otherwise. (A sample: How do you know you're being harassed by Unitarian universalists? They leave a burning question mark on your lawn.) See if you don't laugh out loud!

Sketching with the cartoonists at Denver's 'Drink and Draw.' Daughter #1 is a member of this group...but ironically, isn't in the video! (From Westword)

A beautiful farmhouse counter from recycled lumber. (From Camp and Cottage Living) 
     From this (an old workbench):

To this. (Brick, are you listening?)

Have a great week...and stay cool.

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