Saturday, July 25, 2015

A New Shipwreck Surfaces

(sorry, couldn't resist.)

The John V. Moran was lost in an 1899 Lake Michigan storm. Now it's been found again.

Amazing condition!

 It was discovered by the Lake Michigan Shipwreck Association, and is being explored with a remote control vehicle (ROV). (It's 365 feet down -- tough for divers, although they're now going this deep. The Andrea Doria, a regular spot now for exploration, is 240 feet down. Though a diver has just gone missing on it, and is presumed dead.)

     No interesting treasure, so far. The ship was reputed to be carrying flour, peas, oil cake (whatever the heck that is), and 43 tons of "misc. cargo." Fortunately, the crew were rescued before the ship sank.

Some mood music while you're pondering all this:

P.S. The Brick pointed out that this is a Lake Superior song...not Lake Michigan. Too bad.

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