Sunday, July 19, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Homey-ness

Life is quiet right now. 

I have been loving it, staying home for a while. Putzing around in the garden, picking up eggs, packing away things...even in the heat, it's been ok. I can stay with the Brick and the dogs, see the girlies now and then, and maybe even get some stuff done!  

10 minutes = 100 calories. Ten minute workouts that burn it -- fast.

A dumpster -- as a swimming pool? Yup. (Actually, it's one of those big storage containers.)

The new photos of Pluto and its moon are AMAZING. Just think how jealous our ancestors would be of us, finally getting to see this secretive planet up-close!  (Am I the only one who thinks it looks more than a little like the moon?)

Chicago dogs. I get one of these at the airport every time I fly in...yum. This version isn't exactly right -- but when you can't get your hands on bright green relish, you make do.

Villagers in a small village in Kazakhstan keep having weird nightmares. They fall asleep for long periods, have strange hallucinations and other strange side effects. People thought they were making it up...until evidence emerged that they were being slowly poisoned by a nearby uranium mine. (The 'Sleepy Hollow' effect, it's now being called.)

Eight weird things celebrities have done (or do) in the name of beauty. 
 Well, at least two aren't that bad...

Growing lavender -- actually two posts that will help you grow it successfully in your garden. Here's one part, and here's the other. (From It's All Connected)

Thirteen healthy mason jar meals...that aren't salads. Like this chicken potpie from Cooking with Jax:

Ten amazing recently discovered photographs of historical importance. (From Listverse)

'Goodnight Stories:' people living in San Francisco...any way they can.  (photo essay)

A DIY mosquito trap -- all you need is a pop bottle and a few common household items. (From Instructables.)

Make your own pillowcases. As near as I can tell... only two seams! (From Notes from the Patch)

Have a great week.

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