Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: An Unexpected Win - And Visitor

What a July! 

It ranges from hot to cool (but sticky), then back to hot. The chickens have responded by refusing to lay eggs, but stuffing themselves with everything we'll give them. The dogs deal with it by laying in front of every fan and swamp cooler they can find. And the Brick and I coped by going to a ball game -- which the Rockies deigned to win -- including an incredible 10-run 4th inning. For a team on the bottom of the bucket, that's amazing.
    We spend a lot of time in front of the fans, too. And drinking a LOT of iced tea. Unsweetened. A visitor stopped by mid-week: a bear that ripped apart our neighbor's thriving beehive.  He worked sooo hard on this. (The neighbor, not the bear.) Mr. Bear may have considered visiting the chickens, as well, but our 6-foot chainlink fence, sturdy coop and the tender attentions of Mr. Charles (the dog) seem to have persuaded him to look elsewhere. 
    I still feel bad for neighbor Tim, though.

     This week should be a strange one. We're waiting on the outcome of several things...and not sure which way they'll go. Meanwhile, I only have a dribble of paperwork and one appraisal to do. And the basement inventory desperately needs to be sorted through. By the way, if you're thinking of sorting through your stuff, as well, the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, CO could use any kind of sewing room-type donations you've got, for their annual garage sale. Go here for more, and contact info.

Another look at the 'deserving' homeless. What do you do, when they refuse the help offered? This essay from 1997 covers a New York program...and its results. Still applies today.

15 ways to save up to $500 a month...without trying that hard. Hopefully you're doing at least a few of these. (From The College Investor)

A minimalist's wardrobe. This started as a help for 'Tiny House' occupants, but has some good ideas for us all. (From the Tiny House Blog)

10 celebrity duos who couldn't stand each other. 

19 snacks that are supposed to rev up your metabolism. What, no cookies?

Medieval doodles. Yes, people fooled around on paper 700 years ago, just like us.

Man punches shark. (How mean, right?)

Cleaning white ironstone -- try denture tablets! I use this for spot cleaning on textiles -- there's a way to do it. (Ask if you're curious. From It's All Connected)

13 very weird final requests on death row. 

Antoine Walker. Big NCAA basketball star -- and bankrupt within two years after retirement.

Living in a grain silo? Yep, it can be done - and stylishly.

Captain Kidd's treasure discovered? One silver bar, at least.

25 ways to use vintage suitcases. 

11 cool uses for straws. You'll be surprised at some of these, including a great way to make small-portion 'sachets' for drink powders. (From Instructables)

Have a great week.

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