Thursday, August 27, 2015

Goodbye to All That

James Holmes, the smirking, "Yep, I'm crazy, all right" perpetrator of the Colorado Theatre murder trial, has finally been sentenced.

12 life sentences.

Plus a bunch of years for all the people he wounded.

More than 3,000 years total.

Absolutely no possibility of parole. (Which wouldn't have happened if he'd been found insane.)

 The judge refused to look at him or use his name, and right after sentencing, said to the policeman, "Get this defendant out of my courtroom now."
    He's not the only person who's been sickened by all this.

The judge took a lot of time to mention to the crowd why, in spite of the verdict, he thought the trial was important. Two reasons were mentioned, over and over:  information (especially about the people Holmes murdered) and closure. 

    Some people have taken to arguing that Colorado should never hand out death sentences, since this guy didn't get one. They're also arguing that 'everyone' feels the death penalty should be abolished -- since ONE PERSON on the jury voted against it. (And in current Colorado law, that's good enough for it to be thrown out. The jury has to be unanimous.)

I'm not the only one in this grand state that disagrees with that. 

Fine. He's in jail now -- and staying. Cheering broke out after the hearing was finished, as the spectators realized (according to the reporter there) that the judge would not penalize them for expressing themselves.

It's been soooooo frustrating. I did not know any of the victims of this debacle, but it could just as easily been one of my daughters at that movie showing. Or the Brick and myself.

Rot in peace, James Holmes.

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