Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: All's Quiet on the Western Front far, at least.
      We've made some decisions that helped. (More about these soon.) It's still hot in Colorado, but there's a slight tinge of coolness in the air. Or maybe it's the calendar pointing that this is the last day of August.
     No matter -- I love fall.
Last week should have been called Dead Things Celebration-- I found a bunch. First, one of our oldest chickens died. Then I found a fat brown mouse on the back stairs -- by almost stepping on it. (The appraisal client who was here can tell you how loud I yelled!) Then Charley decided to 'play' with a snake. (He slings it around like a coil of rope until it stops moving. What a party pooper, that snake.) 
    Last night, to top things off, I almost stepped on yet another mouse -- this one silver-- out in the grass. (Apparently courtesy of Charley, too -- he has been showing great interest in a tarp nearby.) Every discovery like this prompts a frantic request to the Brick to Get Rid of It. 
Meanwhile, in the world of the Internet:

Ever wondered what I've written elsewhere? Found: this stash of old posts, all written by yours truly,  for the Penny Thots website some time ago.

The power of a ten-spot. (From Mr. Money Mustache)

Brunch decorating ideas. This was specifically for a bridal shower, but I could see its usefulness for other events, as well. Some nice tips on positioning food at different levels for visual interest -- and how to do it. (From Southern Hospitality)

The girl who sent more than 1,000 messages, encouraging and bullying her friend to commit suicide -- then was 'surprised' when he did. ("I'll never understand why this had to happen.") She's on trial now.

'Disturbing historical photos of all time.' They just get weirder and weirder, don't they...

Gimme that!

 A maintenance crew working underwater at a bridge on US 50 in Maryland found debris...and an 18th century shipwreck. It's thought to date back to Revolutionary War times.

Readers' favorites for personal finance apps and tools. (From the College Investor)

The connection between bullying and living with shame. This psychotherapist also has a number of different interesting posts, including several telling ones on narcissism...and how narcissists will 'project' their bad behavior on someone else, in order to mentally get rid of it. (Or live with it, I guess.)

Going to grad school-- for free. (From the Frugalwoods)

Eight surprising little secrets -- tucked into famous movies. You probably didn't notice these 'in' jokes before...but now you know.

Would a writer want a word-y rug? I would...but am not so sure about the Brick. The translation is in the comments, by the way -- it's a French fable that seems to parallel the grasshopper and the ant. (From Thrifty Decor Chick)

The value of "one sane space" that's tidy, well-ordered and comforting, even when the rest of your life is in chaos. (From The Nester)

Students who built tiny homes to save on dorm rent. Clever, clever.

Ten ways to reuse a t-shirt. (From Apartment Therapy)

A log cabin chicken to make. (From Sew Unique) To see these in action, read this post by Oh Sew Tempting.

A mother and daughter who needed (and got) lots of help -- only it was all a fake. Now the daughter's in jail for helping murder her mom.

DIY 'elephant knobs' -- you could use this idea for about anything. (From My Creative Days)  

Got a business? Six ways you can use summer (and fall, for that matter) to heat up your sales. (From

Twelve essential lessons about money and life. With big poster-y signs to remind you. (From Afford Anything)

A beach-style 'bulkhead light' hack, thanks to Home Depot, that would make any landlubber proud -- for less than $20. (From Salt Marsh Cottage Design)

Have a great week. Enjoy summer while you can...because it's nearly gone.  

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