Sunday, August 16, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Life On, Life Off

My, oh my, it's been another doozy of a week. 
    I spent most of it hanging out with the quilters of Cheyenne, WY -- but life had its share of drama, as well. The situation I thought resolved -- well, it is, sort of. And yet it isn't. Then it is -- and then it isn't. More sleepless nights are in the future, but at least one large part of it is done
    So it's on to finishing up a boatload of appraisals from Cheyenne, working on inventory for Brickworks...and doing some wash and dishes, as well as Picking Up Stuff.  Speaking of that...
    Amazing Announcement: I picked a basketful of ripe tomatoes! This is almost unheard-of, here at 6250 feet in Colorado; usually you have to pick them pink or green, then put on a windowsill and hope for the best. Certainly the extra rain early this summer helped; so did the greenhouse cover we wrapped around the raised bed, so the plants could stay warm at night. (This is one reason to envy you gardeners back East -- I still have fond memories of the dreamy bliss of biting into a sunwarmed, juicy tomato while still out in the patch. That's one thing Michigan, with its humid nights, does very well.)
    We had our first crunchy BLT of the season. Hopefully more are coming. Meanwhile:

New Anne Frank mementos found -- hidden in a cousin's attic. (New info also suggests that Anne and her sister Margot died earlier than thought in the concentration camp.)

Is it normal for stolen fine paintings to never be recovered? Yup. Which, of course, goes with this.

Ten weird stories about MIBs. (Men in Black, for you non-UFO enthusiasts.)

Junk food made into...something else. They say "culinary 5-star dishes," but really!?!
 Although I am a big fan of the "hot-dog-spaghetti ladies:"

Mothers of ISIS. (Actually, it should be Mothers Against ISIS.)

33 silly textbook mistakes. Guess the smart people aren't all that bright, after all.

Neither are these animals -- 15 of them -- trying to hide. Including this dog. (Looks like a Charley stunt.)

15 ways to shop better at Wal-Mart. (From Passionate Pennypincher)

King Tut may not have been alone. At least one researcher says there are two "ghost portals" that lead to other rooms in the King Tut complex. Could one be Nefertiri's tomb?

The 'Gidget:' a tiny camper that has the first world's pullout. Now you can pull a camper with a regular car. (Too bad it's not in the U.S. yet.)

The S.S. Georgia -- its Confederate crew sank this boat centuries ago. Now it's being raised -- in multi-ton chunks.

A whale that needed help -- so 'asked' fishermen to get a plastic bag out of its mouth.

Sunday was The Mama's birthday -- happy birthday to her, and many more! 
Have a great week, yourself.

When life gives you lemons, make...

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