Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Camping

After the week we'd had, the Brick and I couldn't stand it anymore...and headed for the mountains, Charley and Abby in tow. (Now that the chickens have their own automatic door, Chaz and Abs don't always have to stay for protection. Although we still take precautions.)
    Even though we set up camp after dark (the full moon helped), even though our campstove suddenly went on the fritz, and even though we got stuck in a huge traffic jam coming home...
    It was wonderful. 

The Brick had to be at work today, or we would have stayed out there longer. No matter: now all our camping equipment is together and ready to get shoved in the Cherokee at a moment's notice. 

Been there, saw this

What happens when a P2P borrower stops paying? I've heard this loan program touted as a great way to make higher interest on your money -- but wondered this same question. (From Financial Samurai)

Eleven ways to use a rejection slip. (From Donna Freedman's writer blog, 
Write a Blog People Will Read)

A long journey with several 'missteps' -- that were actually perfect for what's needed today. If you're wondering whether you're on the right track in life, this might be just the encouragement you need to keep the course. (From Red and Honey)

Majolica -- identifying the real Victorian era stuff from the replicas. (From It's All Connected)

Using your space better -- in stop-motion. These 10 GIFs are lots of fun to watch...and give you ideas. (From Apartment Therapy) This one is from Hank Bought A Bus:

Key Lime Chicken Enchiladas. The secret ingredient? Key lime yogurt! (From our buddette, Betty Crocker)

"I got audited by the IRS." A video overview by J.D. Roth. (Yahoo Finance)

"I gave birth in the forest...and now those big mean CPS people took my baby away."
   'Okay, maybe I (and the baby) tested positive for meth. And CPS already took my three older daughters. (I was having a hard time after my husband committed suicide.) And I was drinking a little. (Or a lot.) And maybe not very stable. But hey -- is that any reason to put my child in a foster home?'  
     Maybe yes...

The Top 100 Mysteries. I'd not heard of many of these; you might not have, either. (From Cool Interesting Stuff) 

Trapped on the escalator. (She died, but bravely saved her child.) I caught my foot once on these as a kid, and to this day, have trouble getting on one.

Dealing with kids with Asbergers...especially if you're the parent. From Penelope Trunk, a gritchy, emotional, quite wonderful blogger I just ran into. (Yes, she has an autistic son.)

Ten interesting archeaological discoveries connected with Bible people, places and events.

Ann Rule died. This true-crime author began her career by working at a suicide prevention hotline. She made friends with a nice young guy who was working there, too... a gentleman by the name of Ted Bundy.

A trip to the fair -- pictures and all. Especially nice if you won't be able to make it to your local fair this summer. (From Chicken Blog)

Happy Birthday, Daughter #2! Petunia, we love you very much.

Have a great week. Hey, if you can...go camping!

Add more sagebrush, and this would be about perfect.

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