Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Headed for Cheyenne

Life doesn't look quite as discouraging right now. Some things haven't changed much -- but the weather has moderated some, and I am Blowing This Popsicle Stand (as one of my climbing buddies used to say) for Cheyenne and the Cheyenne Heritage Quilters show. It's bound to be a great one.
    It's going to be busy, appraisal spots are filled to the max, and people are still trying to get on the list. More about it in the next few days. 

Maybe I just need a dose of Pharrell. 

(Watched this, and felt better right away.) Meanwhile:

Eight wind turbines...and how to construct them. Even one made from a Pringles can! (From Instructables) Also:

An LED light jellyfish skirt to make! Yow.

Another dress style that glows in the dark...but you have to order this one from a designer. 
(Another check -- actually, you can make this one via Instructables, too.)


Pallets, and the tale of a summer garden. (From Scavenger Chic)

My buddette, Lindsay Lohan, is in trouble again, only a few months after she got off probation. Reportedly, she stiffed a restaurant in Greece on a $1300 bill. It was eventually paid by one of her friends...but Lindsay, in our neck of the woods, who gets stuck with the bill when the guests dine-and-dash? THE SERVER. Who makes a heck of a lot less than you. 'Nuff said.

The guy who invented Mr. Coffee just died. 

An intriguing interview with Serena Williams, who talks about the U.S. Open, her sister, and more. Plus racism: “I don’t think about it,” she says. “I don’t dwell in the past. If I do, I’ll be swallowed up by negativity. As Mandela once said, ‘I will be in a mental prison.’”

A dozen easy meals, when there's 'nothing' to eat. (From Good Cheap Eats)

Credit cards, dollar bills and other travel bugaboos. This is an old Midlife Finance post from yours truly, but especially applies, now that U.S. credit card companies are putting chips in American cards, too.

Ten money lessons learned the hard way. (The Simple Dollar)

15 dessert bar recipes. Easy to make, WAY too easy to eat. (From Betty Crocker) Including this luscious Key Lime cheesecake a brownie bar with bacon! 

A strange but effective remedy for strep throat. Wouldn't hurt to try it... (from Red and Honey)

Four people and a dog, living comfortably: in 267 sq. ft of space.  If you're curious about their everyday life, go to the blog here. (From Bless This Tiny House)

One of the finest -- if not the best -- opals ever found. Take a look at this beauty; those are natural colors you're seeing, by the way.

What your feet say about you. (According to this, I'm secretive. Oh yeah?) If you're tired of staring at your toes,
   Try your hands, instead. 

New info on the Isabelle Gardner Museum theft decades ago...and it's weird.

Random wannahaves that aren't critical...but nice. Sign me up for this clear plastic bubble anytime.

Have a great week. Stop by the quilt show in Cheyenne, if you get a chance! 

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