Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Did you see this online?

A 12-year-old kid trips, while visiting a Taiwan museum, and punches his fist right through a 17th century Italian painting. Value $1.5 million.

Notice what his mom does? (I'm assuming that's his mom.) She tries to hustle him away... 'hopefully nobody was looking.'

Yeah, right.

The museum's insured, so the painting, from a private collection, is probably insured, too. And the painting can be restored, I'm guessing. Sort of. Kind of.  (A more detailed report is here.)

But who in the world let a 12-year-old wander around with a cup full of something in his hand, to begin with,  IN A MUSEUM?!?!   (The cup got smashed against the painting, too.)

He may be mowing yards for a very long time to pay for this one. 

Poor thing...

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