Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Resolved

I had a great time in Granby, CO last week with the Peaks n' Pines guild. After working so hard for months on end, just being with them was like returning to old friends. Thank you, ladies, for EVERYTHING.
     The Brick had his first day as a free man today, after retiring last Friday. He spent it watching movies, snoozing and working on the computer. He's already looking more relaxed.
     And me?  Another boatload of appraisals to get out...a quilt to finish binding, plus another restoration job...and some writing deadlines. I feel a bit drained, but determined to get everything done in good time, in spite of the hot days and regular chores. The Brick is headed to a men's retreat this weekend, which will give me more time to get stuff done. Meanwhile:

Eleven items under $25 you want for your home. I'll vote for the bed risers and One Really Good Cookbook anytime. (From Apartment Therapy

Nine things that everybody thinks exist...but don't. Pool dye that reveals the presence of urine? Nope. Cow tipping? Nada....through the brontosaurus, of all things, was on this list for a while. (Thankfully, it's back, as of April 2015.)

More weird stuff about James Holmes. He's by himself in a single cell, gets hundreds of pages of mail from besotted fans, etc etc.  One of the best parts of this article are the profiles of the people he murdered -- you can get to know them better.

Hollywood homes that go from star to star to star. Fascinating.

Clever (and unusual) ways to use door handles and hardware. Including this one, from IKEA.

Yes, this is a kitchen drawer pull

This gem from Handy Ma'am -- five surprising ways to clean your toilet!

I know -- the list is a little short this week. I'll do better next...have a good one. 

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