Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Mooning About

Colorado had a rarity Sunday night: a 'blood' moon combined with a partial eclipse. Very cool to watch...but unfortunately, we were busy listening to the Broncos kick Detroit's heinies (sorry, Michigan relatives) and forgot all about it. Here's what it looks like (the 2014 version, at least), if you're curious:

They even had a party at Boulder's Fiske planetarium to celebrate.
     Ironically, friend Constance, who is teaching at a school in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, tells me they've been celebrating their annual Moon Festival, with a moon maiden, dancing, singing and moon cakes
     We've got a busy week...a lot of things (like insurance) have to be resolved by the end of the month. The Brick got hit hard by an infection last week, but thankfully, the antibiotic, God's grace and a lot of rest seem to have brought him out of it. We want to go look at the fall leaves before they disappear, and are meeting the girlies for a delayed birthday supper. Meanwhile, we are having one of our warmest Septembers ever -- the temp's been averaging around 69 degrees, and much hotter in the afternoons. Considering we often get a snowstorm in September, this just seems plain weird. (Just read that Fairbanks, AK, in contrast, just got more than 6" of snow -- the most they've had in September. Go figure.)

What may be the smallest tiny house ever -- 60 sq ft!

 Are you smart enough to play dumb? (From Financial Samurai)

Troll power...what you can (and should) do about it. (From Our New Life in the Country)

A new spy tech goodie -- an electronic roach. (eewww)

'Catch the Con' quiz, hosted by Frank Abagnale. Do you know when you're being defrauded? Find out. (From AARP)

Hidden -- and brilliant -- storage solutions. Like this one, which has my vote. (From Apartment Therapy) 

Goes nicely with Apartment Therapy's seven ways to squeeze out extra space from hallways.

Challenge everything you have, and spend money on, for a year...and see what you save. (The Budgets Are Sexy guy banked more than $5000.)

Six terrible air accidents that people survived. Amazingly so. (From

Pasta and sauce -- nine minutes. All in the same pan.

An Underground Railroad diary -- and you can read it online.

31 easy DIY updates that make your house look 'richer.' Including this quickie solution to making your window look bigger -- a curved shower rod!

Hopefully your fall colors are looking wonderful, too.

This is typical -- for the Western Slope, at least

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