Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Put A Little Rainbow in Your Life

...or at least on your Halloween costume.

The newest issue of Real Simple showed the cutest rainbow costume, made from strips of those 'pool noodles' you can find at the dollar store.

Then I found this version on that ever-useful site, Instructables:

How-tos are there, as well.

Or maybe a crocheted rainbow coin purse, if you're in a fiber mood, instead.

How-tos are here.  (Also from Instructables)

Quilters everywhere are using rainbow-colored pool noodles for another use:
       Storing and displaying rolled quilts! 

Here's how to do it.

Grab an armful of pool noodles in a variety of colors. Wrap them in muslin, wherever they would touch your quilt -- stitch muslin in place.
    Now carefully roll the quilt onto the noodle, patchwork side out. (Don't pull tight, just gently roll.)
    Tie loosely with a cloth tie.
Display vertically, along with your other quilted beauties, in a large basket, pot or can. Or stack them, like a piled version from Pop Sugar.  (Other uses for pool noodles are in this series, too.)

Everyone could use a rainbow in the chilly days ahead. 

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