Thursday, October 1, 2015

Discouraged...and Encouraged

Warning: some 'gripe, moan, complain' stuff coming.

Why does it take so dingdang long to finish things?!?

Why can't we get out to the mountains to see the fall colors?!
      (Because we can't finish our work, that's why.)

Why can't the Brick completely get rid of this pesky infection?

And why am I fighting feeling blue...


Actually, life IS going better. It's been a month since the Brick retired, and our bills are paid. Our projections are on spec, in spite of slower business, and a laptop crash -- with the subsequent need for new software and a battery. (Oh yes, a new cellphone, too. The Brick had to return his to the school district.)

I am nearly done with deadlines and paperwork. (The restoration jobs are not finished yet.) The last appraisal report is waiting to have photos added...and I have some appointments with a gallery to finalize. (I'm getting ready to start a new part of my business, too...will tell you about that shortly.)
     Plus a TON of putting-stuff-away.

We just got the last seasons of Walking Dead and Person of Interest, as well -- so there's something to watch while the stitching and paperwork gets finished up.

It could always be worse.  And...

At least it's the loveliest season to do it in.

Now I've bored the fur off myself, let's talk about something nicer: the wonderful autumn. We may not have the East Coast's heartstopping reds and oranges, but we do just fine in the golden department. Take a look here -- you'll find all sorts of Colorado webcams to let you see what's going on.  

Look quick, though -- our fall colors are nearly finished. 

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