Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday (Er, Tuesday) Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Busy, Busy, Busy

It's been a zany week...and it's only Tuesday! 

After spending last week in Michigan with The Mama, I flew back this morning...only to head straight to the elections building with The Brick. We both have jobs working for the election board -- nothing exciting, but it helps pay the bills, and gives us an extra cushion in savings. 
    Worship Team -- plus doing a second Worship Team gig for a friend -- and putting away a ton of hunting and quilting stuff will fill in any extra gaps. I made apple crisp tonight, from some of the 25 pounds of apples brought home from Michigan. That made The Brick very happy. (Here's my recipe, in case you're interested.)
    In addition, a South American acquaintance is stopping by this week, to pick up all the tricks and techniques I can jam into a day about quilt dating and restoration. 
    It will take work and careful scheduling, but it's worth it, just being able to be HOME. 

Guesstimating accurately at the cash register. (From Money Beagle)

Mom's chocolate chip pumpkin pie. (From Crazy for Crust)

'Things I find in the garbage:' a fascinating blog done by a Canadian on what he scavenges off the street -- and sells. (So far, his total is more than $15,000 for the year.)

A bigger Stuff column will be on its way next time...have a great week.

Michigan's beautiful in the fall

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Barbara said...

Your mother's pie looks wonderful. Yummy stuff like that is no longer on my eating plan so I hope you enjoyed a piece for me.

Welcome home!

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