Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Shipwreck Discoveries

Divers are back exploring an old shipwreck in the Antikythera, Greek Islands region...and finding unusual stuff. Game pieces (shades of the Lewis chessmen - a pawn was found), beautiful glassware -- even sections of a decorative armrest they believe was part of a throne!

The shipwreck was actually discovered around 1900 by fisherman. It dates to c.65 B.C., and has already produced a number of intriguing finds, including four large marble horse sculptures.

If you're wondering if this same wreck produced the Antikythera Mechanism, thought to be the world's oldest (though possibly not the first) analog computer...you're right.

Go here for more.       Who knows what else will turn up!

No, it's not this one...

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