Thursday, November 12, 2015

Headed to Oklahoma!

Yep. Next week, the Brick and I will be on our way to Oklahoma City...and the Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild. I've got two speaking dates there, one for the evening guild, and one for the daytime group -- and both are going to be on "Quilts With Secrets."


This lecture is so much fun! Textiles really do hold secret keys to our treasured thoughts, including beliefs, loved family members and friends...and our opinions on any range of subjects, including death, politics, religion and... sex. (See, all the controversial areas are covered.)

I plan to mix it up a bit, so even if you attend both lectures, you'll be hearing something different each time.

Here's the info, from the website --

November 19 @ 10 am & 7 pm
Speaker: Cindy Brick
Program: "Quilts With Secrets"
November 20 @ 9 am - 4 pm
Workshop: Grandma's Quilt Pattern

The Grandma's Quilt Pattern workshop will be "Quilts of the Old West," which you can see here.

We'll be stitching five different pieced and applique patterns...and checking out a BUNCH of variations. As well as viewing a range of vintage and antique quilts that will Give You More Ideas. (I'm good at that.)

I'd love to have you join in. E-mail me at, or stop in at the guild website for more specifics.

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Barbara said...

Enjoy the trip to the land of my birth, Oklahoma. Your lecture sounds fascinating. I know there is a lot of history in the quilts we inherited from my husband's family. Fascinating subject.

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