Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Monday (ok, Tuesday) Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Gobble, Gobble

Had a wonderful time in Oklahoma City...and learned all sorts of rude Texas jokes! Seriously, these people are some of the nicest. We looked at a lot of old (and some new) Western and pioneer quilts...and even made a few Snowballs. (Fellow quilters will get the joke on that one.) 
    Huge piles of snow were at the start...and the finish. We also saw people and truckers pulling out their in-the-ditch vehicles here and there. (Yes, the storm was that bad in our neck of the woods -- nearly 2 feet of snow, though Denver only got about 3".) The roads were thankfully bone-dry throughout our trip.
    The Brick and I got home just in time for a pile of work...and the next storm, which is supposed to roll in on Thanksgiving. I have barely had enough time to look sideways at the turkey, which is thawing in the sink, let along think about baking the usual pay-can pi-eee. Oh well, it will all get done somehow. 

Nov. 17 was National Bread Day. To celebrate, here are celebrity sandwiches -- made up to look like celebrities! 

A simple -- and brilliant -- solution to a stained coffee table. (From The Boondocks Blog)

30 priceless one-liners. Including one from our buddy, Winston Churchill.

Stolen art -- including five cases where the art was recovered.

Another connected case -- hundreds of stolen art pieces found hidden in the apartment of the elderly son of an art dealer. (The authorities busted him while looking for money launderers, ironically.)

A beautiful wedding dress -- crocheted out of doilies!

Ten things under $10 to send your favorite missionary. Or out-of-town friend. Or family member.

Seven things learned during 7 years of blogging. (From Budgets Are Sexy) It's hard to believe, but next month will mark my 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of blogging!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, friends.

Is it safe yet? Can I hide in with the chickens?

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