Sunday, November 8, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Why Can't I Be More Pushy? myself, that is. 
      It has been a difficult fall for the Brick and yours truly, between retiring, job demands and a combination of other things. Now that life is starting to smooth out (especially getting used to this retirement thing), I find myself just wanting to doodle around -- play with the dogs, make biscuits, mess around with fabric, etc. etc. (I have been finishing up the restoration jobs, at least.) Working seems like, 
    I need to push myself, nonetheless. There's lots of stuff to take care of:
    Paperwork for the business -- just a little
    Daffodil bulbs planted before the ground freezes solid. (We get more snow Wednesday.) 
    The chicken coop shoveled out. 
    A series of articles worked out on the Brick's retirement experience. 
    At least one class sample stitched up. (Not to mention a bigger quilt I have in mind.)
    The house is a mess -- piles everywhere. 

      I leave next week for a teaching job in Oklahoma City, and wonder of wonders, the Brick will be driving with me. (More on this shortly.) It will be great fun, and I'm looking forward to it. If only this needed work gets done first!

If you feel financially stuck -- you may not be as badly off as you think. (From a blogger I hugely admire, Donna Freedman)

Heating your house for free -- or almost: firewood.  (From Pretend to Be Poor)

Bacon and Broccoli Egg Bake. Easy, healthy...and fast. (From Good Cheap Eats)

Roman artifacts -- including streets -- found in London. Quite a few have been found in recent years. (Don't miss the slideshow on recent archeaological discoveries.)

23 ways to extra money for Christmas. (From College Investor)

Grandma shreds nearly a million euros in cash, and cuts up her savings account books -- because she didn't want family members to inherit. (The joke was on her -- the Austrian government said they'd replace the cash.)

Seven reasons your co-workers might consider you peculiar. (Not that you'd care... from Money Beagle)

Fabulously frugal freezer recipes. (From Frugalwoods)

Donating art to nonprofits...and taking the tax deduction.

Why is it so hard to ask a fee for what your work is actually worth?  (From Financial Samurai)

A tiny house for a thousand pounds? (It's not that much in US dollars, either. From Tiny House News)

and in that vein...

The best tiny travel trailers.  (From Apartment Therapy)

Valuing Georgia O'Keefe's estate -- and those values were affected by 'blockage.' Personal property appraisers out there, you're going to be interested in this one. (From Appraiser Course Associates)

Have a great week.

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