Sunday, November 8, 2015

Veteran's Day's Coming will be here on Wednesday, Nov. 11. Don't forget to honor your favorite veteran...they've done so much for our country.

I know this firsthand, with several uncles who served in the military, plus my dad (Korea), my father-in-law (WWII and after), two brothers-in-law who were career Navy and Air Force, respectively...

and my darling Brick, who put in 6 years with the Navy before he and I met almost 34 years ago.

Plenty of companies, especially restaurants, are offering specials to those with military service, past and present --
       Here are 100+ items with various discounts and freebies.

We'll be taking advantage of one of the two we knew about --

Country Buffet is offering free lunch for veterans.

Golden Corral is offering free supper for vets. 
   (They actually do a lot more than just this -- click on the link to find out.)

I may have to go along, and keep the Brick company! 

For those of you in the military who have given your time, energy, effort, lives and health...

THANK YOU. Your fellow countrymen are grateful.

P.S. For a gripping wartime movie, try Against the Sun, about three men who survived 34 days on a raft after their Douglas Devastator warplane sank in 1942. Amazing. 

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