Saturday, December 12, 2015

December Doings: Part Two

Our part of Colorado is getting lashed with The Next Snowstorm; a curtain of fine snow is dusting the evergreens outside our picture window, and the birds are pretty much hunkered down for the day. Not our chickens -- they've been outside investigating. They have a new interest in life ever since our down-the-street neighbor has been feeding them mice. Yep, you read that right -- he has a bunch of rabbits, and the mice have been munching on their feed. He traps them, then brings them up for the chickies, who then perform the avian version of a mosh pit while trying to grab a bite. (Did I tell you these guys are carnivorous, if given the chance?)

It all seems a little surreal yet --
   because we just got back from more than a week in Puerto Vallarta.

That's why I was able to eat out on the terrace a few days ago! Plus never wear a coat...go swimming at least once a day...hang out on our balcony to see what was steaming by (hoped to see a whale -- but never did)...and indulge in yummy food. (Camarones diables, shrimp skewered and grilled, are the BEST.) Also, it was the Virgin of Guadalupe festival, so there were parades, plenty of groups dancing, with decorations and street vendors and such. More on this soon.

Hey, it's a burden...but somebody's got to do it.
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We got home to relieved dogs, chickens (who could care less, as long as they get their mice -- er, feed), bare lawns and a lonesome-looking house with no holiday decorations.
    Now, a few days later, a Christmas wreath is on the front door. I have half a gallon of 'spoiled' milk for sugar cookies. I need to add some decorations on the mantel, and decorate the tree. We've kept Christmas music going pretty steadily ever since we got home; it sounds lovely while the snow is falling.

You have GOT to listen to this version of "Mary, Did You Know" from Pentatonix:

And here are 30 different Christmas trees (including a Christmas tree beard!) to get you in the holiday mood.

Christmas, bring it on! 

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