Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Cold, Snow...and Christmas

Boy, it's the season, all right.

   Getting used to the cold again, after our jaunt to Puerto Vallarta, has had some interesting twists. For one, I can't seem to get my feet warm. (The Brick keeps yelling, 'Put on socks!') For another, I  came home with an unexpected souvenir: a huge scrape on one leg, thanks to an unexpected header off the sidewalk onto a cobblestoned street. (Puerto is notorious for sidewalks with multiple step-up-step-down sections, and higher than usual curbs.) The raw skin is finally scabbing over, but it catches on heavy clothing...and then itches and burns. If I wear warm clothes, they stick to my leg. (And the scab opens up again.) If I don't, I freeze. Go figure. 
     We plan to finish up some work this week, and get a bunch of items ready to donate. I also mixed up a batch of British Christmas cake, which turned out beautifully. Stay tuned this week for more holiday-related posts, as well as a full report on Puerto Vallarta. Which was wonderful, by the way. 

Socks that generate electricity when you walk in them? And their batteries are powered with urea...yep, you got that right -- pee.

Thirty free-but-thoughtful Christmas gift ideas.  Good suggestions -- but the title is misleading. You WILL have to spend money to do some of these. (From Family Balance Sheet)

A bossy woman who really doesn't understand the spirit of the season. Ever run into someone like this? (From Money Beagle)

Storage secrets of a really, really tiny apartment. (From Apartment Therapy) Also from them:

Readers' tips for living on next to nothing.  

SEVENTEEN BILLION in treasure...found on a shipwreck! 
Not much info is available yet; there's still a lot of secretiveness, partly because of some legal challenges. But it's off the Columbian coast..

15 interesting facts about Gilligan's Island.  Among the revelations: Ginger thought SHE should be the big star on the show -- and ignored everyone else. So they ignored her, in turn. (I always wondered why she seemed a little 'separate' from the others.) And my favorite -- the millionaire's wife really WAS a millionaire! (She did the show's pilot because she got a free trip to Hawaii out of it...and didn't believe anyone would be interested in a show that silly, anyways.)

Seven weird locked-out-of-the-house stories. Including one with no pants...

A sad interview with Tiger Woods. He's learned his lesson...sort of.

Do YOU have missing money? Andy of Tight Fisted Miser (still one of my favorite blogs to wander around) found money for his girlfriend and mom. I snorted at that, but a quick check turned up money due to both our nephew and Daughter #1. Go take a look...

and have a great week.

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