Sunday, December 20, 2015

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Planning

Only one holiday decoration is up at the Brick house -- a red and green wreath by the front door. No tree, no garlands, no nothing.
    And I feel much better.

We've been flooding the house with Christmas music nonstop, thanks to Pandora. (Weird tip: did you know that if you put in 'Handel's Messiah' on Pandora, they'll give you a little classic holiday stuff -- plus Mozart's Funeral Requiem? I am still hard-put to understand how funeral music celebrates Christmas.) 
    A steady flow of mostly-goofy Christmas movies has been making its way onto the tv screen. The Brick and I have watched and/or listened to every one, popcorn at hand. 

Tomorrow, we'll put up the tree. (The presents are mostly wrapped -- the first time we can say this in years.) The mantelpiece will get its Nativity set. Which reminds me...
      Daughter #2 just got back from a visit to The Mama. "It's so strange," The Mama said. "My Nativity set is out, but Adie [her young great-grandchild] moved all the figures around. I don't understand -- she's never touched them before!"

     "Was Angel around when you put the set out," I asked. 
    "Oh...are you saying that Angel did it?" sez she.

Well, let's put it this way -- for years now, I start with the Nativity figures in their proper places. And if the girlies visit, next thing I know... dinosaurs are peeking into the manger, shepherds are doing handstands, and lions may be roaring at the wise men. You never know WHAT they'll be doing. 
     The seven fish dishes are in active planning for our Christmas Eve dinner. Stay tuned for more news, plus recipes.

UPDATE:  I did...and they did.

Cream of mushroom soup you can make -- it's easy, and for Dear Readers who struggle with this: gluten-free. Freezes easily, too. (Thanks, Simply Scratch.)

Easy Christmas candies...from 'Cuban lunch' to Peppermint Meltaways. (From Jill's Little Bit - of Everything)

Steve Harvey may have goofed up -- but he's not the only one. Other live-action fails have happened before. So yes, he should have named the RIGHT Miss Universe. But have you ever made an embarrassing mistake in public?  (Poor guy.)

Looking for a dutch oven for no more than $650 -- pesos, that is! This tale of a shopping trip gone nuts sounds like our experience at the Walmart in Puerto's almost as good as being back there for a few days. (From Life By Design)

A fascinating look at wrappers -- women's lounging robes, that is. (From Barbara Brackman's Material Culture)

Tent city encampments -- could this be a partial answer to the homeless problem?

Seven reasons the IRS could be interested in auditing you.  (From Nerd Wallet)

Three new blogs you should take a look at --
    Remake, Remodel, Recycle   (remodeling thrift shop attire to make it more stylish)

    Much More With Less (frugal living)

    More Of What Matters (more frugal living, with some country stuff thrown in)

A 93-pound petoskey stone is confiscated from a Michigan man. (Check the link to see the surprising reason why.) Bad Michigan man -- bad!  (Michigan just celebrated its 176th birthday, by the way...Happy Birthday to my native state.)

Valuable stuff that just happened to be found inside houses...and was almost discarded as junk. Including a Superman #1 comic found inside a wall. (It was being used as insulation.)

Look what Jenny McCarthy is carrying -- a strip-pieced look leather 'patchwork' purse!

$10 million in diamonds -- accidentally thrown away in the trash. 

Where the Heck is Matt? Remember this crazy dancer? Well, his newest campaign is fully funded, and he'll be on the road soon....hopefully, to your neck of the woods.

Have a very Merry Christmas week.

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