Sunday, January 31, 2016

Monday Stuff: Here We Go, Broncos!

We may be in the throes of a snowstorm, but hearts are warm here:

The Denver Broncos are going to the Superbowl! 

Castle Rock's star-on-the-rock is Broncos orange and blue. 

This is the Rock in the daytime - see the star frame on top? (From Wikipedia)

We had a big rally last week on the Capitol steps. 

And of course, there are lots of goofy memes making fun of our boys. Like this one, comparing Peyton Manning and Others. (Poor guy -- wait, there will be more!)

Fortunately, the Broncos don't seem to be getting a big head over all this fuss. Which is great: the Panthers have been outstanding this season. If the Broncos really want to win, they'll have to work very, very hard.

I just got another phone threat from 'Officer Brian Schneider of the IRS.' According to this esteemed individual, the IRS has issued an arrest warrant for me, my property is under investigation -- and I'd better Call Back Right Now.
    Needless to say, we do NOT owe money to the IRS. (Yet, anyways.) If you get a call or e-mail from a scammer creep like this (ours was from area code 510), sprint to this website and file a complaint. You'll feel so much better.

Libby Lehman finished a 1000-piece puzzle...a big step forward in our mutual buddette's recovery.

Eight interesting ideas for shoe storage via IKEA. You could use these ideas for other stuff, too. I can only wonder -- who in the world actually has room to store shoes like this? Don't they have books, clothes and collectibles, instead?  (From Apartment Therapy)

This is probably the best of the batch...

A fake Rothko...sold from a distinguished gallery?  Now its purchaser is suing for big bucks. The guy is chairman of the board at Sotheby's...oops, wrong person to try to defraud. (From Appraiser Workshops) From the article:
    Being chairman of Sotheby’s does not require being an expert on art, he said. 'You need to know business.”"
     (As my dad would say, 'Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Oh yeah?')

Rethinking brown. And orange. From Wombat Quilts.

Origami folded fabric ornaments -- a step by step tutorial. Good for scraps...and a start for next year! (These would be cute for everyday decorating, too. From Ami Simms's blog, Through the Eyes of A Quilter)


Just what you want to act of kindness given in kindness.

A very funny Hormel 'natural' commercial...

How I tripled my income in 2015.  (From Stefanie O'Connell)

A ton of free downloadable quilt patterns. (Thank you, Bear Creek Quilting Company, for putting these together.)

Have a great week. GO BRONCOS!!

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