Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: How 'Bout Dem Broncos

We're finally letting out a big sigh of relief this morning.

Coloradoans and Broncos fans everywhere collectively held their breath until the last minute of the Superbowl. (Final score: Denver 24, Carolina 10.) True to form this season, the Broncs went out and did their job. Over and over and over again. Particularly the defense. 
     Cam Newton showed his admiration by a sulky interview that made him look like a spoiled brat. (One pundit excused him by saying he could hear Harris expounding on the Broncos' victory -- and after all, who would want to listen to that behind you, while you were talking out front. Uh huh. Sure.)
     I am amazed at all the media types who are now announcing how wonderful the Broncos are, how they knew it all the time, etc etc. Months went by this season, without our boys being able to get a fair shake...let alone any respect.
    Well, now they've got plenty.

Back in Internet-land:

Helping someone who's had a miscarriage. Spoken by someone who just went through this heartrending experience. (From Red and Honey) And building on this...

Struggling with grief -- and infertility. Another struggling post by someone who knows what it feels like. (From I Pick Up Pennies)

What blue-eyed people have in common. Yes, I am one.

A fire-scrumble. Intriguing... from Scrumble-Art. (Yes, there's more at this blog.)

The lives and lies of a con man. Who's currently in the slammer, but trying to bluff his way out...again. (Apparently he's very, very good at it.)

Was the man sucked out of a plane in Somalia really a suicide bomber whose scheme backfired?   Investigators are saying so.

The woman who got her dog back after TEN YEARS. The ex had told her it was dead. (From Life with Dogs)

A very interesting discussion of John Giduck's claimed military service and experience. Is he what he says he is...or is this a case of Stolen Valor? You decide.

A Botswanan prince and a young British clerk...and the marriage which endured, in spite of all odds. (Their story is coming out as a movie soon.)

Sneaky ways to save pennies. Keep reading this forum, and those pennies will add up to dollars.
    (This was the second thread on the subject -- here's the first thread, if you're enjoying it. What's even more important: learning from it.)

Updates on ten viral stories. The male kangaroo cradling his dying mate? He may well have been the one to kill her. Also included -- more on the guy who found the ambergris, mentioned in this post. Only it wasn't... (from Listverse)

Repatriating human remains -- museums aren't doing this as quickly as they would have us believe. In keeping with that, did you know that people used to throw:

Mummy unwrapping parties -- the lowdown.

A secret motor found inside the frame of a bicycle -- and its rider was competing in the World Championships in Belgium. It's all a horrible mistake, the 19-year-old says. The bike was a friend's, given her by mistake. Her bike looks just like the doctored one. (Uh huh. Look at the comments about that in this post.)

Update a thrift shop painting by adding something to it -- an intriguing diy from Country Living. (Just make sure it's not worth a bazillion dollars first.) Speaking of:

A whole blog dedicated to weird thriftshop finds. Page after page, year after year. I only wish she was still contributing to it. And if you enjoyed that...

A BUNCH of thrift shop makeovers that are really clever. Like a teacup bird feeder. (From DIY Inspired)

Eleven ways to make money -- without doing anything.

The ISIS bombmaker who's happy to rig up 'suicide vests' for others, but would never put one on himself.
    “I never thought of killing myself, I am not convinced to kill myself,” he said. “Actually I would leave or escape if they gave me this order. I wouldn’t explode myself. That is another level of faith."

And, in honor of the Superbowl:

25 examples of Peyton Manning's super-competitive nature. Not that we didn't know this already...

Have a great week. We are, here in Colorado. GO BRONCOS!

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