Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: What IS Normal, exactly?

I was preening myself on how quiet and peaceful it was around here...
     Well, forget that. 

Dust and soot hang in the air -- the Brick and Keith are putting in a fireplace insert. Daughter #2 has been hanging around, as well, talking animatedly with The Mama, who is visiting here through late next week. (Daughter is now sacked out on the floor, exhausted, with her head on dog Karma...whose tail is wagging. Must be a good dream.) 
     Dogs are wandering everywhere. Packages and piles are all over the place. Daughter #1 heads here tomorrow. Chaos ensues.
     And it's just starting to snow.  

Two stolen masterpieces disappear for more than four decades -- because they were hanging on the wall of an Italian factory worker who purchased them at auction.

Thirteen living room design trends for 2016 -- and whether you should follow them or not. (From Emily Henderson)

Bigfoot in fabric?!? Yup...and put in 'Sasquatch' in the search area when you check out this fabric. There are several others. (From Spoonflower)

Bigfoot walking painted

Five ways to avoid the winter blues. (From Red and Honey) Or try this:

100 funny jokes from very funny comedians.

The world was supposed to end on Valentines' Day 2016. Remember the 'psychic' in Ghostbusters 2?

All I can say is... Bummer.

"The father of all Ponzi schemes will cause the mother of all meltdowns."  From the Financial Samurai -- God help us if he's right.

Someone who "clawed his way out of poverty into success." Some helpful tips here...but a lot of residual anger, too. Don't miss the readers' comments -- they're just as fascinating.

Eleven murals to chase away those winter blues...including this one from Ellie Cashman. (LInk's in the article. Thanks, Apartment Therapy)

Eleven ways to entertain yourself for free. (From Simple Dollar.) And if you liked that:

Eleven fun things to do that actually earn money while you do them.

Free campsites around the country -- park your tent or RV for no cost.

How to get rid of gophers. (I wonder if this works for mice?)

Have a great week -- and stay out of the way of them thar gophers.

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