Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Better

I am starting to breathe again. 

After struggling to do it for nearly a week, I woke up this morning with clearer air passageways -- at least I can breathe now without strange accompanying squeaky sounds. The fever seems to be gone, too. Sadly, the rest I got yesterday came at the expense of the Brick -- he dragged himself to Worship Team, so I could stay in bed. (We both usually sing and play keyboard/piano.) 
     We only had a day's worth of chicken feed, so I trudged out and got that last night, so he could rest. Thankfully, we don't have any commitments until Thursday night. Maybe this pesky whatever-it-is will let up completely by then. While we're recovering: 

Irish Goodies Are Coming! My Holiday Goodies blog will feature Irish foods all this week, to celebrate the holiday. (In case you're wondering, yes -- we both have ancestors from Ireland. We even kissed the Blarney Stone on our trip to Ireland. It may be famous...but the experience was just plain creepy. More later this week.)

More weird news from the Iditarod: not only did they have to truck snow in  so the race could begin -- but a drunken snowmobiler hit two of the sled dog teams, injuring the mushers and their animals, and killing a dog. ('I was only checking on them, not trying to hurt them,' the snowmobiler says. At an estimated 100 mph -- uh huh.)

Fifteen collectibles that are totally worthless. Or so says Cramer's The Street column. Commemorative plates from the Danbury Mint and Bradford Exchange, as well as the Precious Moments and Hummel lines, are some of the biggest offenders. (Actually, I'd agree with most of these, sad to say. A good friend proudly displays a huge collection of Precious Moments figurines, which I'm pretty sure she spent big bucks for.)

The woman who lived in a 90-foot-square apartment for years. And wrote an e-book about it. (She says she misses it.) More here... and more here:

Who is Banksy, really?  Scientists think they've pinpointed the identity of this urban hit-and-run graffiti artist. (I'll bet he/she denies it...)

37 People magazine covers that a bit wacky, after history's dealt with them. Special case in point: all but one of the couples on the 'Happy Forever' cover were divorced within four years. Yeah, right.

Fifty amazing (and unheralded) acts by Americans. You'll be surprised at some of these 'whos.' (I could have done without Lyndon B. Johnson bragging about his 'friend,' though. From

The homeless New Yorker who's been dragging around dozens of shopping carts/laundry carts for forced to give at least some of them up. (I'm just amazed she got away with doing this for so long.)

The results of an online group who made quilt blocks for each other...thanks for sharing, O Sew Tempting. What a beautiful sampler quilt.

f2f Finished

The newscaster who committed suicide, live and in color.  Remember Christine Chubbock? A new movie is out about her life, as well as a sort-of documentary.

How would you like a 300-foot chasm suddenly appear in your backyard? Speaking of hidden...

Ten hidden images found under famous paintings. (From Listverse) Also...

Ten stories about real-life water oddities.  Including Gruner See ("Green Sea"), an Austrian park that becomes a lake for a few months each year.

Second daffodil's out and blooming. Swiss chard and radish seeds are in the ground -- I need to clean out the chicken coop and pile the dressing on the garden before I put in peas and more greens. (Maybe tomorrow, when I have more energy.) 
Have a great week. 

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