Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Snow Snow Snow

Went to the post office and library at 2 a.m. this morning -- rain.
    (I know -- you wouldn't be out wandering around that late. But it's actually quite peaceful.)

Woke up this morning to a blizzard in full force.
    Which kept going -- and going -- and going.

It finally stopped at sunset. We've got at least 1 1/2 feet (according to the Brick) or 2 feet (according to me) of white stuff. Drifts from knee to mid-thigh deep. Charley is thrilled; he's had a wonderful time prancing through it.

The chickens stayed in their coop and sulked. 

Which brings me to a certain observation about how different regions deal with snow:

Most of the Coloradoans on my block, though, had the good sense to stay home. After all, it IS Spring Break here for most. Otherwise, they would have had to do this:

Or maybe it's Colorado-style, instead!

We're supposed to get more snow this weekend. (The weather pundits are now saying just sleet -- but they're the same people who announced Castle Rock would only have 4-8" in this storm.)
      Colorado's like that in the spring. is right...

I'll keep the sandals and snow boots side by side for a while.

(Thanks for expressing it so succinctly,

Update:  Just heard from Daughter #2. Her partner Keith, who has snow-clearing contracts in the Denver area, spent 35 HOURS plowing and shoveling. Poor guy. 
     I got the front walk shoveled, but it took some work -- we've got waist-deep drifts out front. The steps down to the driveway disappeared -- literally. Charley got stuck in a snowdrift and had to push himself out backwards. Silly dog.
     Sky's clear now...we'll see how long it holds.

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