Friday, April 8, 2016

Ann Loveless...And Quilts

Ann Loveless is a Frankfort, Michigan quilt artist who's done wonderful things...including win the ArtPrize competition with her textiles. Against stiff competition too, I might add. (Michiganders know this contest well -- it's one of Grand Rapids' annual events, and artists of all types enter.)
     If you're especially interested in landscapes, Ann's work is one of the best to study. For her 2015 entry, Northwoods Awakening, you can watch part of the process here as she works. (Hint: in the case of this piece, it has to do with squares. Lots and lots of very small squares.)

Ann and Steve Loveless 2015 artprize winners

Ann's given me permission to copy some of the quilts in her gallery, including:

Summer Large Confetti
Summer Large Fabric Mosaic quilt

Collage quilts by ann loveless
Sunset Collage Quilt - close up. Lots of raw-edge work...note the careful stitching, to anchor and add texture

Autumn Confetti
Autumn Collage Quilt

Trillium Small Fabric Mosaic Quilt

Not only are there many more designs on her website -- these are for sale, too! (And the prices are very reasonable, especially for prizewinning modern art quilts.)

For more, go to her website. Wow.

Ann Loveless with her 2013 prizewinner, Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore

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