Thursday, April 28, 2016

Crafts Pixelated

Instructables has current how-tos for photo art using fused beads...

Picture of Fused Bead Mosaics From Photos

Yep, those beads that kids use for bracelets and such. Very cool.

Translate those beads into squares of colored fabric, instead, and you've got wonderful quilts, as well!
     For example, Old Abe, shown above, is a 30 x 35 square set -- so with 1 1/2" finished squares (2" cut), you've got a 45" x 52 1/2" quilt. Adjust up or down as needed for the size you want.

(The program uses Excel 2016 and a pegboard.)


Mapped image 01.png

Using the program, you can easily translate your own photos and images into something wonderful. Instructions are here.


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