Saturday, April 16, 2016

How Does Two Feet Sound to You?

That's how much snow we've gotten in the past 24 hours, I'm guessing. Miss Abby and Charley are forced to leap around in it, to get anywhere. The snow comes way above Abs' back; Charley's got more leverage, being bigger.

And it's still coming down. See here, if you're curious.

What our trees look like right now - poor babies

Now you know why I sneer at the East Coast getting a foot of snow (or less), and panicking. The Brick remembers a few inches of snow while growing up in North Carolina...and everything shut down.

Thankfully, the power's still on. We've got the fireplace going, bluegrass playing, and are trying not to snarl too much at each other. (Darn taxes, anyways.)

I'm betting the grocery stores are still dealing with empty shelves. This storm isn't supposed to let up until tomorrow sometime.

At least we're snug, warm...and stuck in it together. 

Stay warm this weekend...and if you're sweating through taxes too, you have my sympathy.

What it will look like out here - once the sun comes out. But not yet.

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