Monday, April 11, 2016

Old Clothes, "Beautifully Stitched"

Scientists in Mongolia are carefully excavating an ancient Turkish ('Turkic') funeral site...
     and finding wonderful things.

They believe the body is a woman. (Because a bow wasn't found with the burial. As in archery....not a hairbow!)

A horse was sacrificed to accompany this person. (A mare, which is interesting, if the body does prove to be female.)

They think it dates from at least 1500 years ago. 

The clothing and accessories are spectacular:

4 cotton coats, so far. (The clothing is said to be "beautifully stitched.")  Other pieces of camel hair and wool.

A leather saddle and woven bridle.

And this embroidered bag:

The discovery also appears to be the first complete Turkic burial in Central Asia and the remains were found at an altitude of 9,200 feet. An elaborately embroidered bag is pictured

The grave was found at 9200 feet altitude in the Altai Mountain chain, which flows through Siberia, Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan. Researchers credit the altitude and the area's colder climate for helping keep the grave artifacts so pristine. (It was also three meters deep.)

"The finds show us that these people were very skilled craftsmen," said one researcher. "Given that this was the grave of a simple person, we understand that craft skills were rather well-developed."

Go here for more.   What other wonderful things could be hiding...

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