Friday, April 15, 2016

Snowed Under -- But Making Progress

While I'm working on taxes with the Brick (and waiting for the snow to REALLY kick in), I can't help thinking of this:

There...does that inspire you, too?

UPDATE, AS OF 1 a.m. SATURDAY MORNING:  Just stopped into our local King Soopers for extra milk -- and there is none. Only a few gallons of 1%, and we don't usually drink that. The meat shelves are nearly empty, except for a bumper crop of ribeye steak. Chicken shelves are pretty much stripped, as are the bread and egg areas. Clerks were restocking, but items like paper towels and canned goods.

      It looks very much like it did when we had storm after storm one winter...and getting your hands on fresh stuff was nearly impossible. But the snow just started this afternoon (in the mountains) and tonight (here). Did people go nuts stocking up? More probably, the trucks aren't getting through.
     This gives an uneasy feeling -- but it's why our freezer has lots of food. Our cupboards are ample right now, too. I keep dried milk, dried eggs, flour and plenty of butter on hand at all times. But if this storm hangs around for a while, or we lose power, things could get weird -- fast.

     Maybe I should have bought the 1% milk, after all...

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