Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ted Cruz 'Stole' Colorado's Votes?


According to Donald Trump, there's a reason why he didn't earn a single delegate in Colorado. It was all crooked -- Ted Cruz stole his delegates!

Well, the truth is, Mr. Trump...

You never bothered to show up, in the first place.   (Ted Cruz did.)

Your staff apparently didn't check the guidelines Colorado Republicans use to appoint delegates. Guidelines that have been in place since last fall.
(Something they forgot to do in a few other states as well, where you lost delegates. C'mon, are they really that stupid?!?)

The representative you sent thought he could get away with platitudes, instead of dealing with the issues. (Did you think we wouldn't notice your absence? Do you think we're that stupid?!? )

Somebody on your staff is saying you were cheated, because Colorado didn't even hold any caucuses.
(They did, Mr. Trump -- either you or your staffers were on 'ignore' to have missed them. Like you pretty much treat Colorado, anyways.)

The Brick not only went to the first two caucuses, but was at the state assembly Saturday, as well. Sure, he wishes all the speakers would deal with the issues up-front, instead of trotting out the flag and rah-rah statements. (Some did, some didn't.) As the Brick is fond of saying, we do NOT live in a democracy -- we live in a representative republic.  (Because we must elect representatives to vote on our behalf. And in that sense, at least, I think he's right.)

Ted Cruz isn't perfect. But at least he thought it important to try and personally win Colorado's delegate votes.

Pack up your mean, petty accusations, Mr. Trump --
                  it's time to grow up, stop acting like a whiny jerk, and get down to business. 
You'll be much more interesting if you admit you made mistakes here...and start actually listening to what's important to Colorado voters.

Not to mention the other states you've been neglecting. We don't all live in New York...

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