Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Monday (ok, Tuesday) Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Catching Up

In spite of gigs (thank you, Arapahoe Quilters -- it was fun!) and chores, we seem to be slowly gaining some ground. Could it be that someday in the near future, we could actually be -- CAUGHT UP? Hope springs eternal. Meanwhile, that means less time to wander around the internet, collecting stuff. Next week's version should be a tad fatter.

A car that drives itself -- it's really here! The Tesla is doing it now, with others on its heels. (From Mr. Money Mustache)

How to revenge yourself on an old employer who (unjustly) fired you. What do you think about this? (From Financial Samurai)

Saving money on clothes. Some good ideas here, including...buying fewer clothes, to start with!  (From Penny Thots)

A family of nine's weekly grocery list. (And some good recipes and tips thrown in...from The Encouraging Homeschool Mom)

Money Beagle has a temper tantrum over -- vending machines. Go figure.

A pastor sues Whole Foods for including a gay slur iced on his cake...only it's a lie.

22 charities that spend a lot more of their money taking than giving. And some of them are very prominent names. Word to the wise. (The American Red Cross has pulled more than its share of shenanigans, including giving its officers fat salaries and collecting for causes like Katrina -- then never sending the money there.)

Have a great week.

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